Affiliate Program

What is the Affiliate Program

The Affiliate program is one of the Bluefin Rewards Programs that incentivizes the Affiliates to refer the users to the exchange and those who became referees. It distributes BLUEand CASH rewards based on the percentage of fees paid by referees. The rewards are distributed after a 3-day wait period following the end of each 14-day epoch.

Who is eligible for the Affiliate Program

The users whitelisted as Affiliates can generate a referral code for themselves and share the referral link or code with others they want to become their referees.

How does the Affiliate Program Work

All you do is refer users to the exchange!

At the end of each epoch, the Affiliates are entitled to 40% of the fees paid by users they referred. This amount is divided equally, with 50% in USDC and 50% in BLUE tokens. Moreover, the referred users are eligible to receive a 10% rebate on the fees they've paid.