Trade & Earn

What is the Trade & Earn Program

The Trade & Earn program is one of the Bluefin Rewards Programs that incentivizes trading on the Bluefin Exchange. It distributes BLUE rewards from the Trade Rewards Pool (TRP). The TRP holds 20% of the BLUE supply, to be distributed over 5 years. The rewards are distributed after a 3-day wait period following the end of each 14-day epoch to allow the community to remove addresses engaged in wash trading from qualification for rewards.

Additionally for trading on Bluefin-v2 (Sui), traders will earn Sui tokens based on SUI Tokens pool (STP) that will change for every cycle as determined by the Sui Foundation and 75% of the STP will be allocated for Trade & Earn program.

Who is eligible for the Trade & Earn Program

All traders on the Bluefin Exchange are eligible for this program.

How does the Trade & Earn Program Work

All you have to do is trade!

At the end of each epoch, your finalized rewards are calculated based on the following Rewards Formula:

Blue Rewards Formula

Sui Token Rewards Formula

Where for each epoch

i - individual trader
R_i - number of BLUE rewards for trader i
TRP - the Trade Rewards Pool
STP - Sui Tokens Pool
Fees_i - fees of trader i
∑Fees - the sum of all fees of all traders for the network