One Click Trading

What is One Click Trading?

Previously, users had to provide an independent signature when performing trading on Bluefin. This involved a browser wallet prompt where users were required to sign an approval transaction before completing a specific action. This additional step naturally introduced friction to the overall user experience.

The One-Click Trading (1CT) feature streamlines the trading experience by requiring users to sign a single approval transaction at the beginning. Subsequently, users can instantly place or cancel orders with just a few clicks, mimicking the seamless experience of a centralized exchange (CEX). In contrast to the traditional method, where users need to sign multiple transactions when modifying orders or positions, 1CT automates this process, providing a more user-friendly and CEX-like trading experience while maintaining self-custody security.

How One Click Trading Works?

1CT operates by generating a secure private key used for signing orders. This key is exclusively stored within the browser, offering protection by never transmitting the private key over the internet and securely keeping it in the browser's local storage. For security reasons, if the browser cache and storage are cleared, you’ll need to restart the 1CT enabling process from the beginning.

Upon enabling 1CT, a new key pair is created, and a signature is required to confirm the transaction, authorizing this key to perform trading. In 1CT mode, you are not required to explicitly sign the transaction while placing or canceling order(s).
Note that, currently, to deposit, withdraw, adjust leverage, and adjust margin, you need to provide your signature explicitly.

When enabling 1CT, users are prompted to toggle the "Remember Me" button ON or OFF:

ON: The user is not required to re-approve 1CT unless it is deactivated via manual disconnection, which mandates a signed 1CT approval transaction for reconnection.

OFF: Users must sign a 1CT approval transaction each time the app is refreshed or closed.

It is possible to switch between enabling and disabling 1CT. Disabling allows users to revert to the default manual signing mode for every transaction and action within Bluefin.

Step By Step Guide to Use 1CT:

  1. Click on the "1 Click Trading" Icon:

  2. Enable Remember Me toggle if you wish, click Approve and sign the transaction

  3. 1 Click Trading is enabled (1CT icon highlighted in blue)! Enjoy near-instant trade execution

  4. Disable One Click Trading by clicking the 1 Click Trading button on the header